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In Josef Seidel’s Footsteps

The crew of film director Karel Čtveráček was spotted on various places around Šumava in the middle of August. He is preparing a film document for the Czech TV about Photo Studio Seidel in Český Krumlov.

, photo: Petr Hudičák

Karel Čtveráček together with local Český Krumlov photographers David Veis and Václav Pancer (of the TAM TAM Association) have visited Volary, Horní Planá, Chvalšiny, the Kleť Mountain Observatory and nighttime Český Krumlov.

, photo: Petr Hudičák , photo: Petr Hudičák , photo: Petr Hudičák

The photo sessions will probably resume this autumn and certainly next year. Josef Seidel used to send a dismounted frame with a painted background to various places outsider of his home base in Český Krumlov by train.

, photo: David Veis , photo: David Veis , photo: David Veis

He used to replace his home photo studio by taking photographs in the open air on squares and various village greens across the Šumava region. This way he made it possible for many inhabitants of the Šumava region to obtain their first photograph.

, photo: David Veis , photo: David Veis , photo: David Veis