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Africa in Český Krumlov 

Starting from 29 July 2011 you will have the opportunity to see around 150 large-format photographs capturing many faces of Africe both wild, beautiful and cruel in thiie unique setting of the Minorite monastery which is usually not accessible to the public.

The exhibition called "AFRICA - Wild at Heart" is the third and so far the largest collection of the renowned National Geographic in the Czech Republic. Three photographers present the many faces of Africa.
Chris Johns has turned his attention to the African wildlife. His photographs display both the beautiful and exotic aspects African nature as well as the dark sides of life and the death of animals. Robert B. Hass offers a birds eye perspective of the black continent. All his photos were taken from aboard a plane flying low above the ground, displaying various interesting patterns created by nature. Gianni Giansanti has documented the life of extraordinary tribes living in the inaccessible valley of the Ethiopian Omo River.

An exhibition of stone sculptures from Zimbabwe complements the rich photographic exhibition as well as unique bone exhibits of large African fauna, live crocodiles, a large aquarium with endemic fish from the Malawi and Tanganika lakes and a permanent film projection.

This exhibition is displayed in the impressive environment of the Minorite monastery (fifty steps beneath the Castle) and will open and extraordinary Medieval building to the public, including the chapel with the "Black Madonna" of Český Krumlov. This exhibition, contrasting effectively with the Gothic space, is installed on natural materials. It brings a deep and truly emotional experience enhanced by music especially composed for this occasion.

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