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Attendance summary of the town of Český Krumlov

Statistic data are necessary building blocks for successful management of tourism in the tourist destination of Český Krumlov.Current results and longterm trends in the development of tourism can be deduced on the basis of regular data collection, their analysis and mutual comparison.

Continuous and goal-directed monitoring of statistic data started in 2001, retrospectively till the year 1990. These data are monitored longterm exposition attendance (data are provided by the exposition organizers), cultural events attendance (data are provided by the events organizers), occupancy of accomodation capacities (data are provided by Český Krumlov Municipal Office - financial department - data from the evidence of collected fees for spa or recreational stays and fees from accomodation capacity - see municipal obligatory notice number 15/2003 about local fees and municipal obligatory notice number 9/2006), occupancy of parking capacity (data are provided by Český Krumlov Development Fund - parking system operator in Český Krumlov), overview of usage of information sources about Český Krumlov (data are provided by Český Krumlov official information system - web presentation attendance and Český Krumlov Infocentre - printed guides´ sale).

Statistic overview of attendance Český Krumlov was created on the initiative of Český Krumlov Destination Management which is the project´s guarantor.The project´s beneficiary is the town of Český Krumlov.

Data providers are responsible for data correctness and entirety, and agree to their further use. Project realizators are responsible for data correctness and indistortness of data processing.

The project´s realizers thank partners for data provision, cooperation and trust.

The system of data evidence is open so other partners can join.

Questions, notes, information, statistic data sending can be asked on :
Destinační management Český Krumlov
náměstí Svornosti 2
381 01 Český Krumlov
Phone number.: +420 380 704 628 - 9
Fax: +420 380 704 919

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