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: A Guide for Handicapped and Other Visitors

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The Horní Gate Route

The Horní Gate Route (P2 Car park, the Kaplická Street, the Municipal Theatre, the Roosevelt Street, the Horní Street, the bridge at the Horní Gate, the Myší díra (the Mouse Hole), the Regional Museum, the Rose Hotel, the House of Prelate, the House of Chaplain, the Masná Street, the Kostelní Street, the Church of St. Vitus, the Square of Concord)

Starting from the Objížďková Road (Ring Road), pass a crossroad with a traffic light and the most familiar viewpoint of the town (See the front cover photo) then turn towards the centre to the Kaplická Street (Easy descent - a cobbled pavement). At the crossroad there are P2 Car park (No parking places for disabled are available) with a viewpoint, the Municipal Theatre (4 seats in the auditorium and a barrier-free toilet), Coffee Shop on the right and the Roosevelt Street with a couple of Bed and Breakfasts (Pensions) on the left. Some of the B and Bs are in a ground floor. Myší Díra Pension is the only B and B offering a room with barrier-free facilities. Along this pension there are stairs that descend down to the Vltava (the Moldau), Canoes and Rafts Rental Shop and the Mouse Hole, which is the passage under the bridge leading to the Parkán Lane.

Panorama of Český Krumlov, view from stopping place on Objížďková Street, foto: Lubor Mrázek

The starting point of the Pedestrian Zone is before the bridge. (Pěší zóna). Along both sides of the bridge at Horní Gate, (the Upper Gate) and above the Mouse Hole, there is a nice view of the river. On the left southward there are the Municipal Park and the suburb of Plešivec, on the right, in a northward direction there are the Castle and the Latrán Street. Over the bridge (Flat – an asphalt road, small cobblestones) there is the Regional Museum on the right (3 -storey building, stairs with no elevator), on the left there is an extensive building of the Rose Hotel, formerly the Jesuits Hall of Residence (Private parking ground, access through a main entrance (+1 high step) or entrance gate (3x +1 step), a barrier free restaurant and WC, the first floor -1 barrier-free room, lift available). Downstairs there is the Jesuits Hall and no barrier-free WC facilities. On the right from the hotel parking lot (Descent - coarse gravel) there is a view point in a direction to the Parkán Lane, the Vltava river, the Barber’s Bridge, the Latrán Street, the former Church of St.Jošt, the Monastery of Red Star Knights of the Cross, the Eggenberg Brewery and the Castle with the Renaissance Tower.

Information ahead of visit of the Český Krumlov Municipal Theatre, foto: Lubor Mrázek Next to the parking ground there is the U písaře Jana Restaurant (The Scribe John’s Restaurant) – a low kerb, barrier- free access, WC in a basement. Cross the street there is an entrance (Steep ascent, assistance of another person is necessary – asphalt) leading to the court of the former House of Prelate (Gradual ascent – bumpy cobbles), which is nowadays the seat of the Municipal Gallery (Downstairs), the Municipal Library (Stairs up to a raised ground floor) and there is also the Prokyš’s Music Hall on the first floor (WC -10 steps, the hall - 7 steps). From the other side of the court there is a passage (Gradual ascent, even more bumpy cobbled pavement) leading to area by St.Vitus Church (+1 low step, a stone pavement, carpet, slabs).

Now back to our route, start from the House of Prelate and continue down the Horní Street, which from now descents little more. On the right, the Masná Lane descends very steeply towards the river. (Steep slope, assistance of another person is necessary – even bumpier cobbled pavement). On the left, just behind the corner House of Chaplain there are stone stairs (+35 steps with hand-railing) leading to the front area of St.Vitus Church – you can get there from the House of Prelate too. Right next to the stairs, look for a sloping lane called the Kostelní Lane (Slope – assistance necessary, cobbled paving). Coming from the Horní Street, on the church side, there are Public Toilets (Barrier-free, a steep access way – cobbled). Continue down the street, on both sides there are very narrow pavements, a cash dispenser is on your left (Out of reach to people in wheelchairs), and finally enter the Square of Concord (Asphalt ends, bumpy cobbles).

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