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: A Guide for Handicapped and Other Visitors

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The Jelení Garden Route

The Jelení Garden Route (The Jelení Garden Car park, the foot-bridge over the Vltava river, the Na Ostrově crossing, the Široká Street, Egon Schiele Art Centrum, the Na Louži Market, the Square of Concord)

Summer sale of guides and maps on Town Square in Český Krumlov, foto: Lubor Mrázek Park your car at P1 – the Jelení Garden car park in the Chvalšinská Road, which is close to the Castle. Drive to the bar gate and press the button to have a parking ticket issued. Parking places for disabled people are on the left hand side from the entrance – mind that your car should bear Wheelchair Logo (See Parking). After locking your car set towards the Plášťový bridge (Flat – asphalt) pass the Tourist Information Point (Season opening hours only), cross the foot-bridge (Timber grillage) over the Polečnice stream and further on, there is the Castle Information Board, where this route and the Castle Route meet.

Continue under the Plášťový bridge and a view of the town and Vltava river appears in front of you. Then either turn right of this route and follow the river bank along the Rybářská Lane (Flat, hard dusty surface and further on flat cobbles- in summer you can experience a spectacular view of canoeists who attempt to go down the rapid without sinking) which will take you through hidden nooks (Gradual ascent, bumpy cobbled ) to the Plešivec Route, or after having the Castle above you, cross the footbridge over the Vltava (asphalt) and enjoy a wonderful view of the Castle, Tower and Little Castle. There is a steep platform and railing at the footbridge end (Assistance necessary- small cobblestones), the path leads to the Ostrov (Island) (Flat cobbled and dusty surface). On the right, in Antik - Bazar shop there is a barrier-free WC. Continue cross the bridge over a mill race (Timbers), pass the Museum of Motorbikes and join the Široká Street.

Seating on the garden in Pub na Louži in Český Krumlov, foto: Lubor Mrázek Now, a very bumpy cobbled paving is ahead of you. On the left there is the Dlouhá Street with several galleries. As this street end, it is possible to change for the Latrán Route, but this Route continues down the Široká Street. Following the Široká Street, it is recommended to take the right pavement (0.1 m high kerb with no access platform – small cobblestones), which continues towards the entrance door of the Egon Schiele Art Centre. Behind this door you can discover a small court (Very bumpy surface), the entrance door to Gallery Shop (Granite slab flooring) and steep stairs (Wooden stairs, railing) leading to extensive premises of the Art Gallery (Door sills, wooden boards, brick paving, an industrial lift construction on schedule).

The Route then follows the Široká Street further on. As the pavement ends and the street gets narrower (Bumpy cobbles), enter a small court called the Na louži Market (Small renovated cobbled paving). There is a traditional Czech pub called Na louži (-1 step, limited space, standard WC +1), the Wax Museum and Jakub Krčín’s Restaurant (Barrier-free WC). Then the Route joins the Plešivec Route - continue to the left up the street (Ascent – flat cobbled paving), keep on going left towards the Soukenická Street and after a short ascent reach the Square of Concord (Cobbled paving).

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