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: A Guide for Handicapped and Other Visitors

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The Latrán Route

The Latrán Route (The Budějovická Gate, the Latrán Street, Post Office (Pošta), the Pivovarská Street, the Vienna Inn Hotel (Hotel U města Vídně), lane between the Monastery and the Pivovarská Street, the connecting passageway, the Castle main entrance called the Red Gate, the Klášterní Lane, the Monastery of Red Star Knights of the Cross, the Nové město Close, the Na Fortně - Náplavka Lane – a passage to the Latrán Street, the former Church of St.Jošt, the Castle Stairs, the Barber’s Bridge, the Parkán, the Masná and Dlouhá Lane, the Radniční Street, the Square of Concord )

The Castle Tower and Little Castle in Český Krumlov, foto: Lubor Mrázek Approach the town centre from a north direction and pass through the Budějovická Gate - the only gate, which remained out of nine original gates to the town. Apart from a car passage way there is also a passage for pedestrians and disabled. Before the gate you may notice a bridge over the Chvalšinská Street, on the right there is a steep descent to the Jelení Garden and another bridge, which crosses the Polečnice stream (No access platforms to pavements available, but in some points kerbs are low, small cobblestones). The Latrán Street starts behind the Budějovická Gate (Large cobblestones, take the left pavement–smaller cobblestones - but by the Post Office the pavement ends and there is no slip platform). At the crossroad, just behind the corner there are two parking places for disabled in the Pivovarská Street (Referred to as the Nové město), which starts by the river and continues along P3 car park, the Eggenberg Brewery, the Eggenberg Restaurant, the Monastery and finally joins the Latrán Street.

The Pedestrian Zone starts after the crossroad, on the left there is the Vienna Inn Hotel (Hotel U města Vídně) (Access: Platform, barrier-free interiors and WC).

A Short Break at the Map in the Klášterní Street in Český Krumlov, foto: Lubor Mrázek First, the Latrán Streets zigzags and then continues straight leaving a junction to the Pivovarská Street on the left (Very bumpy cobblestones). Finally it reaches a unique connecting passageway called the Castle Connecting Passage (It connects the Monastery and Castle premises). After the passageway there is a little market (Two parking places for disabled) and the Red Gate on the right, which is the main entrance to the Castle.

If travelling by a car you can take advantage of two parking places for disabled in the 1st Courtyard . It is all right to drive there even though there is No Entry traffic sign. Next to the Red Gate (Červená brána) there used to be so called New Apothecary, which is opposite to a very narrow and bumpy lane leading towards the gate to the Monastery of Red Star Knights of the Cross, called the Klášterní Lane (Bumpy pathways/ stone slabs).

Before the gate to the Monastery Garden, a narrow lane called the Formanská (A very bumpy cobbled pavement) forms a bend to the right and joins the Nové město Lane, which on the left stretches along the Monastery Garden towards the gate to the Eggenberg Brewery and on the right leads to the Latrán Street.

Starting from the Klášterní Street you can either decide to continue down the Latrán (Descent, cobblestones) or turn left to the Nové město Lane, then take the first right through the passage to the Na Fortně Market and through another gate to the spot called Náplavka - the river bank. From there you can get back to P3 Car Park by following the Vltava stream (A wide footpath) or turn right before the gate to Náplavka and through the passage way return back to the Latrán Street.

The International Art Studio: A visit to 'Na Fortně' Art Studio in Český Krumlov, foto: Lubor Mrázek

Down the Latrán Street, on the left there is the tower of the former Church of St.Jošt, which surmounts a little court on the left and the Castle Steps across the street. Finally, the Latrán turns left towards the wooden bridge named the Barber’s Bridge. From the bridge there is a splendid view of the river, the mighty Castle, the Tower on the right, St.Jošt Church and the Parkán Lane just at the river bank with the houses of the Horní Street on the left.

On the other side of the bridge, the Latrán Street changes for the Radniční Street, which climbs up towards the square. Just behind the bridge on the right hand side there is the Dvořák Hotel (Access: +1 step, barrier free interiors and WC). The Parkán Lane (Cobbled paving) stretches to the left from the main route and there are several restaurants with gardens at the river bank - e.g., a traditional pub called U dwau Maryí, but mind - none of the restaurants are barrier free. By following the Parkán Lane you can pass underneath the bridge of the Horní Street through the place called the Mouse Hole (+7steps) towards the Canoes and Rafts Rental Shop.

A Brainstorming Session in front of the Monastery Monastery of Ritters of Crusaders order with red star, foto: Lubor Mrázek

If you take right behind the Dvořák Hotel and opposite the Parkán, then you can cross the footbridge leading to the Island. Back again to the Radniční Street. Next crossing is the one with the Masná Lane (A very bumpy cobbled paving) on the left. This lane is even closer to the square, but it climbs up the hill very steeply (Assistance necessary). On the right hand side there is the Dlouhá Lane - you may visit a traditional pub called Romany Inn (Cikánská jizba) (A steep access platform in a ground floor) or several galleries (Ground floor). Heading towards the s quare, on the left there is an arcade of the Town Hall building (3x +4 steps) and the Panská Lane on the right. Finally, the Radniční Street reaches the Square of Concord (New cobbled paving in this part of the square).

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