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: A Guide for Handicapped and Other Visitors

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The Plešivec Route

The Plešivec Route (The Linecká Street, the Municipal Park, St. Martin Chapel, a former Synagogue, the Horská Street, the Plešivec Market, the Důlní Street, the Plešivecká Street, the Plešivec stairs, the Bohemia Gold Hotel, the Granowsky Dvůr Restaurant, the Rybářská Street, the bridge of Dr. Eduard Beneš, the Hradební Lane, the Kájovská Street, the Na louži Market)

A View of St. Vitus Church from the Municipal Park in Český Krumlov, foto: Lubor Mrázek Start from P5 car park at the bridge near the Children’s Activity Centre and follow the Linecká Street (Cobbled paving, an asphalt pavement on the left) towards the Municipal Park. By the gate to the park there are 2 parking placed for disabled (Park access: +1 step and a bumpy path). There are barrier-free and asphalt pathways in the park. Do not miss St.Martin Chapel, which is situated just at the park entrance gate as well as the Synagogue across the street and up the hill.

Behind the Court of Justice building in the Linecká Street you can turn left up the hill following the Horská Street (Asphalt surface) to the Plešivec Market. From the Nad schody Lane there is a wonderful view of the town and further up the hill if you join the Důlní Street (Bumpy asphalt) you can even get to the Castle Gardens. On the left southward there is the Plešivec Street (New flat paving/descent) leading to the Plešivec bridge and the U zelené ratolesti Market (1 parking place for disabled available in front of a grocery shop).

Back to the crossroad of the Linecká and Horská Streets – continue on the Linecká Street (Cobbled paving) in a direction to the town centre. Mind that the pedestrian zone starts here. On the right there is a junction, which leads to the park and a rapid opposite St.Vitus Church and the Bohemia Gold Hotel (Barrier free access). Following the pedestrian zone, on your left there is the Granowsky Dvůr Restaurant (Barrier-free interiors, WC in the backyard) and the Mexican Steak Restaurant (A steep access platform, a barrier-free WC), which is situated in the court at the Plešivec stairs (+80 steps).

Now facing the Rybářská Street (A descent, starts as a very bumpy cobbled pavement), which stretches along the river bank and forms a connection between this Route and the Jelení Garden Route, turn right, slightly up the hill and reach the Bridge of Dr. Eduard Beneš (Small cobblestones). On your left there is a unique view of the Rybářská Street houses, Castle and the Municipal Park, rapid, St.Vitus Church and Rose Hotel on the right.

Egon Schiele Art Centrum Český Krumlov – come in, please..., foto: Lubor Mrázek

After the bridge, continue slightly down the hill (Cobbled paving) towards the Kájovská Street. On your left there is the Hradební Close and after a gradual ascent find the crossroad between the Kostelní Street, which climbs steeply up to the right and the Kájovská Street on your left. At the corner, pass the CK VLTAVA Tourist Information Office and follow the street to the left with the Don Julius Restaurant, a passage (Stairs) to the main square on your right, finally reaching the Na louži Market (Identical name with the Na louži Restaurant), which is the point where you can join the Jelení Garden Route.

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