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: A Guide for Handicapped and Other Visitors

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The Square of Concord Route

The Square of Concord Route (The Town Hall, Tourist Information Office (Infocentrum), the Museum of Torture, the Radniční and Panská Street, Pharmacy (Lékárna), the Reifeisen Bank cash dispenser, the Old Inn Hotel, the Plaque Column and fountain, Krumlovská Fontána Fast Food Restaurant, a connecting path to the Kostelní Street, Savings Bank (Spořitelna), the Horní Street, the Šatlavská Lane, the House of Photography (Dům fotografie))

The town square area declines westwards, it is cobbled, therefore rather bumpy. There are three main streets leading to the square, which form a sort of communication triangle – the Horní Street (Asphalt road), the Latrán that follows as the Radniční Street and a junction leading from the Na louži Market. In the south part there is the Plaque Column and fountain, in a northward direction there is the Tourist Information Office (Infocentrum – the official tourist information entre of Český Krumlov) , its entrance door is situated in the archway of the Town Hall (A Gradual slope, a door step and quite a high mat, Internet and 1 barrier free PC, parking – 1 disabled parking place available).

A Panorama of the Square of Concord (Náměstí Svornosti) in Český Krumlov, foto: Lubor Mrázek

You can find there the Town Council Offices, the Municipal Police and the Museum of Torture (Access: +1 step of uneven height, cellars, stairs, a barrier free toilet - a platform). Public toilets are next to the Infocentrum (A key, a steep declining passage leading to the court, bumpy cobblestones). Access from northwest: the Radniční Street and Latrán (Renovated cobbled paving). The west side of the square: Pharmacy (Lékárna) (Access: +1 step of an uneven height /sloping), the Raiffeisen Bank (A barrier-free cash dispenser, lift available in the building), the Old Inn Hotel (No access platform to a kerb, an archway, barrier free interiors, 620 mm floor/table board height in the restaurant, access to a garden restaurant from the square), TAXI stand.

From a southwest direction, the square is accessible via the Na louži Market (Renovated cobbled paving), in the south end of the square there is the Golden Angel Hotel (Hotel Zlatý Anděl) and a passage leading to the Kájovská Street (Stairs). The arcade (Stone slabs): Fast Food Restaurant called the Krumlovská Fontána (Self-service restaurant, barrier-free access, a standard WC).

Infocentrum Český Krumlov: Rent an Audio-Guide and Explore the Old Town on Your Own, foto: Lubor Mrázek

In the southeast corner of the square, there is a narrow declining lane leading to the Kostelní Street, in the east side of the square - the Hrozen Restaurant, Savings Bank (Česká spořitelna) – a pavement made of stone slabs, 2 telephone boxes.

In the northeast corner of the square there is the Šatlavská Street (Very bumpy cobbled paving) – look for the House of Photography and just before the street joins the Masná Street, there is a traditional Czech tavern called Šatlava offering meals prepared on open fire (Access: Door step, ground floor area, WC + 5 inclining narrow steps).

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